Apr 30, 2016 | Tile & Coping

Looking for a Tile & Coping Repair & Installation Company serving Blue Bell, PA? Look no further than Frog’s Pool Renovations!

Welcome to Frog’s Pool Renovations. You, as our favorite and future customer, are in the right place. Be sure that all your needs will be met by the provision of our professional services. With these, you will be assured of underlying beauty enabling you to appreciate our rich beauty as an art. The tiles will give you a realistic view of our services in a practical manner which you will grow fond of each time you view your pool.

Our tiles will compliment the appearance of your pool. The view and scenery of your pool from whichever angle will always be pleasing to your eyes. The tile band will also hide the inevitable scum that accumulates on your water’s surface and will be able to protect your plaster from the ill effects of the exposure to open air such as drying and cracking. Your new pool tile is further specifically engineered and manufactured to be freeze and thaw resistant. Apart from your own customization, your running tiles or spot tile will be installed on your facade of steps, the seats and benches of your pool.


Coping of your pool will serve as an aesthetic purpose in that it will aid in hiding the bond beam. With the help of our top notch services, coping will help camouflage your pool to your surroundings. It will transition nicely to your surrounding decking to form a seamless meeting of the two surfaces. Frog’s Pool Renovations provides you caulking from the coping to the concrete. This will help to prevent the movement of the ground affecting your pool. As a result, your pool will always be in perfect condition.

Apart from our quality services, we provide you with favorable prices for coping materials in coping brick. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of colors ranging from dark blue to sky blue as well as other diverse water friendly colors. You will also have at your disposal alternative coping material that include natural stone, blue stone, flag stone and granite. You will choose either of these depending on your preference.

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