Aug 31, 2015 | Tile & Coping

Looking for a Swimming Pool Tile & Coping Company serving King of Prussia, PA? Look no further than Frog’s Pool Renovations!

If you’re looking for a swimming pool renovation by a professional team with over ten years of experience behind them Frog’s Pool Renovations is for you. Frog’s pool Renovations will  provide a top quality pool service to its clients every time.

The company offers most pool related repairs and renovation. These can include: tile and coping, pool repair and pool plastering. Other services include acid wash stain removal, and the installation of pool decking.

Frogs Pool Renovation specializes in being back the luster to old tired pools. They can re-plaster your pool in a number of finishes including: white, gray, pebble and quartz. Frogs renovations can easily match tile and grout with a large choice of colors. Frog’s Pool Renovations is an official applicator of the majority of Pool Plaster Finishes. They have ten years plus experience in  White Plaster and Quartz Aggregated Pool Finishes.

Quality Service

If you are worried and confused by the prospect of pool repairs, Frog’s pool Renovations will talk you through what repairs need doing and during renovation will consult the client every step of the way. Frog’s pool Renovations strives to ensure every customer is happy with their work. Frog’s can transform your tired old pool and restore it to its original luster by replacing tiles and cleaning. They can upgrade your pool’s appearance with great features, equipment and composites.


Coping is mainly aesthetic and serves to hide the bond beam. Its purpose is to form a seamless meeting of the pool and decking. Caulking and coping to concrete is an important process as it stops movement of the ground beneath which can affect the pool. A classic choice of color and finish is natural stones, flagstones, blue stone, granite and travertine.

Make your Pool Sparkle

Frog’s pool Renovations can make you tired old pool sparkle again. One application is to use water under pressure to blast and remove grime and paint. This process is both quiet and efficient.

Frog’s pool Renovations team will ensure all work is done efficiently, courteously and with the least disruption. The team will clean up after themselves and leave your home as they found it, but with a new sparkling pool. The company prides themselves on customer satisfaction.

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