May 31, 2015 | Pool Renovation

Pools get older just as homes. Probably your swimming pool looks old and needs renovation and repair before summer. A renovated pool is not only appealing but adds value to your home as well. A renovated pool adds value to your residential rental and apartment properties. Maybe you have been longing for a relaxing moment during summer on your poolside and your pool seems to be a mess. This is the best time to look for a pool specialist in order to have your swimming pool renovated.

Frog’s Pool Renovations in Norristown, PA has a team of pool specialists who offer their services to Fort Washington PA. In case your pool needs any form of repair and renovation they will be up to the task. The company has been there for many years, their certified technicians will be eager to check the condition of your pool and make any recommendation for improvement if necessary. Following their many years of experience, they are able to complete the work quickly so that the pool can be used again. Some of the tasks they will perform for you are such as stain removal, plaster refinishing as well as replacement of coping and tiles.

Stains result from pool chemicals and algae that grow in your pool. The stains can still appear even when the pool is covered throughout the year. For healthier pools this stains should be removed. The algae are removed by an acid wash in an empty pool which is then refilled and restored to its natural look. Stains as a result of water and rust are removed from the tiles and the coping to ensure that your pool looks new. Plaster finishes gives your pool a new life. They are available in different colors and texture. Some of this finishes are quartz aggregates and pebbles. These finishes are resistant to pool chemicals and stains. Coping is the area that gets most wear. This is because swimmers walk and sit on the coping. Also cracks in the grouting may result to lose of coping. The best way to renovate your pool area is by replacing the old coping. Tiles on the other hand make your pool borders looks beautiful. For you to get these services and get them from experts, contact pool renovation and repair company in Norristown.

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