Jul 8, 2016 | Plaster

Inground pool owners living in Lansdale, PA and the surrounding area, now have a place to go to have their pools plastered. Your current plaster would eventually crack from underwater movement in the pool and the wear and tear that you place on it. Frog’s Pool Renovations are right near you.

Frog’s has experts working to fix or upgrade your pools. They are experienced in Plaster Renovation and Repair. Plus they are very friendly to their customers.

Expert Pool Plaster Experts

You get to choose a pool plaster finish that you like from:

  • White & Grey Plaster Finishes
  • Natural Pebble Finish
  • Polished Marble Finish
  • Natural quartz aggregates
  • Natural Large and Small Pebble Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate Finish

Professional Pool Renovations

Your pool repairs may seem overwhelming to you, but Frog’s educates you about the repair process so that you can get it to a manageable level and feel comfortable about it. Some of the biggest repair issues are:

  • Cracks in Plaster
  • Cracks in Tile and Coping
  • Pitted Plaster
  • Electrical Lighting Issues

For inground pool owners in Lansing and the surrounding area, be the first to call Frog’s Pool Renovations at 267-233-5275. Their friendly and professional staff is more than happy to help you. They will make an appointment for you.

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