Apr 30, 2016 | Plaster

Looking for a Pool Plaster Company serving Doylestown, PA? Look no further than Frog’s Pool Renovations!

As soon as Winter’s grip begin to let go for most of the country, much of the population will be looking to get back outside and enjoying the outdoors. The Spring season brings warmer weather which makes it perfect for getting back into your swimming pools, but if your pool is in need of repair; your enjoyment of the water will be delayed.

Frog’s Pool Renovations is the best pool plaster company in Doylestown, PA and if you reside in the area; the company can take care of all your pool renovation needs. With 10 years of experience, these highly trained experts have what it takes to repair or renovate all sized swimming pools with services such as:

  • Pool Plaster & Repair
  • Pool Renovation
  • Water Blasting Pool Paint
  • Acid Wash Stain Removal
  • Pool Tile & Coping
  • Pool Decking & Installation
  • And Removal Services

Having a pool is a luxury, but also an expense especially if it’s not being taken cared of properly. Frog’s Pool Renovations is the perfect investment which gives your pool a longer life-cycle. The company’s pool technicians are very professional and knowledgeable while giving you the best of service.

Pool Plastering is very popular and Frog’s uses a wide range of finishes such as:

  • River Rok
  • Diamond Brite
  • Hydrazzo
  • White Pool Plaster
  • Krystalkrete
  • Florida Stucco

If you’re not sure of what you want or need, Frog’s Pool Renovations will recommend  and guide you in the right direction. You’ll never have to go at it alone and there is a guarantee of high quality craftsmanship for all services involved. There is a reason why Frog’s is the best and the company is looking to expand in a broader radius from their central office in Doylestown.


  1. Professional Service
  2. Quality Materials
  3. Over 10 years of Experience
  4. Knowledgeable and Trained
  5. Great Customer Service

As you can see, Frog’s Pool Renovations gets the job done right and are on time, every time. There are many up-graded features to help get your swimming pool right for the upcoming warmer weather.

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