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All over Cherry Hill, NJ we deliver high-quality service to our clients. Our team of professional pool, tile, and coping crew will have you admiring your pool’s Pebble, Quartz, or Marblefinish. It’s up to you to choose from the many colors and textures we have in store for you that suit you best.

Assisting pool contractors

We can help complete your pool with the final touches. As certified pool contractors, we also offer assistance to other pool contractors who don’t perform plastering, tiling, or coping.

Experienced team

With an excellent history of pool renovations, Water blasting, Tile and Coping, we have been using a combination of traditional plaster plus new pool surfacing technologies such as SGM , Durrazo, River Rok and Diamond Brite and more to plaster pools, spas, ponds and fountains.

In Cherry Hill, NJ, our company is considered the preferred pool plastering and pool renovation company.

Pool plaster products

We offer and specialize in many different brands of plastering finish from traditional grey to white plastering for residential and commercial pools. You can choose from white plaster to give your pool a lighter color or choose grey to give your pool a darker color.

Customer service

Having been in business for years, our customer service staff fully understands the needs of their clients and will do a great job to your full satisfaction.

If you are looking to get your pool re-plastered, renovated or maybe you have a new pool that needs to be plastered, then have a chance to choose and  take advantage of our 10 year warranty from SGM, River Rok, Durrazo and Diamond Brite technologies for superb finish of your pool.

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