Apr 28, 2018 | Pool Renovation

National Pool Opening Day is April 28th which is right around the corner and there is no better way to ensure a smooth, easy pool season than by opening your pool properly.

The first thing to consider when opening your pool is when is the right time to open your pool. The earlier you open your pool the better chance you have of opening it with clear water. Algae will start to grow around 40° F. By opening your pool early you avoid the cost of fixing a serious algae problem. Clearing a typical algae problem can cost serious money.


It’s important to get the water balanced properly as soon as you can. Improper water balance can cause damage to your pumps, filters, heaters, vinyl liner, concrete, and plaster. Improper water balance can also lead to cloudy-looking water and will reduce chlorine’s effectiveness, leading to water turning green more easily.


For the first few days after your pool is opened the pump should be running 24 hours a day. This will ensure all of the water is properly treated and filtered, and will help to clear any cloudiness or algae. After a few days, if the pool is clear, you can start running the pump for less time. Note: It is much better to run the pump during the day and shut it off at night. During the day the water is warmer and the Sun’s UV rays are hitting the water, both of which will quickly deplete your chlorine residual. By running the pump during the day you will keep a steady dose of chlorine entering the water, greatly reducing the likelihood of running into issues with water clarity or algae growth.


Make sure you do a full sweep of your pools accessories such as the plaster, steps, tile, ladder, rails and diving board for any damage. If you run into any issues make sure you call the professionals at Frog’s Pool Renovations. Our team of trained pool technicians can help with cracks, stains and more!

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