Oct 31, 2016 | Pool Renovation

Anyone who desires to own or construct a pool has many beautiful and durable pool finish options to choose from. In the past couple of years, pool finishes have become more creative and elaborate, shifting from the conventional white plaster we were used to onto natural pebble finishing. The constant exposure of the finished surface to pool water, which is treated with an assortment of chemicals, creates a very volatile environment where chemical substances in the plaster and water are always interacting. This is the primary reason the plaster finish will flake or get “decolorized” over time creating the need for a more permanent solution. Over the last few years, pebble surfaces have curved a significant niche and come in a wide range of hues, feel, and color blends. They arrive in an extensive variety of colors and they are the most sturdy surface any pool owner has access to.

Durability of Natural Pebble Pool Plaster Finish

Pebble surfaces are durable and are to a great degree have a natural appearance, that makes any pool blend in with nature. Since the stone material that contains natural pebbles is artificially dormant, it is unable to undergo any chemical reaction with swimming pool water and is along these lines less likely to fade, flake or change in appearance. The old type of plaster finish lasts between 10 and 14 years on average. A well maintained pebble-finished pool can last for more than two decades before a pool owner decides to remodel.

National Beauty of Natural Pebble Pool Plaster Finish

For those looking for a beach feel, pebble finishes bring out a natural feel and a magnificence that plaster finishes cannot achieve. Nowadays, there is a huge range of alternatives in the size and type of the pebbles, color schemes, and pebble layout. The color schemes and layout alternatives guarantee that everyone can find one that suits their swimming pool surroundings the varying pebble sizes offer a natural beach or lake feel underfoot.

When the pebble finish is completely installed, it provides a strong layer of colored stone held in place by a plaster mix. The pools also hide most of the debris that makes the pool seem dirtier as is the case with traditional plaster finish pools in windy areas.

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